Only AudigyCertified™ practices have access to AGX® Hearing technology — always the most advanced and effective technology available.

But great technology is just the beginning for us. Understanding the way you live, your personal hearing needs, and the better-hearing goals you have for yourself helps us craft a more personalized and comprehensive hearing solution than anyone else can offer.

Meet The Team

Lynn C. Kase, M.A., CCC-A

Director of Audiology

Lynn C. Kase has provided her services to the New York community for over 30 years. Mrs. Kase, a board certified audiologist, obtained her Masters of Audiology degree from Kent State University.

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Patient Testimonials

  • “I have been a long-time patient and would never go anywhere else. Dealing with a hearing loss can be challenging and frustrating at times, but Dunshaw helps me through it every step of the way!”

    Christian P.

  • “Dear Rhee,
    I had to write to you to let you know how satisfied I am with my new hearing aids. It’s as if I am hearing for the first time. I really didn’t know what I was missing. Even the annoying hum of the refrigerator is blissful. I am no longer the wallpaper at a dinner party. I participate fully and even laugh at the right time when I hear a joke. The leaves are falling now that autumn has arrived, and the sound of them crunching underfoot is a first-time event. Thank you so much for your assistance in making a life-altering choice.”

    Ira M.

  • “Excellent. I had major fit issues with my current hearing aid (all on the manufacturer end), so I was in the office A LOT over the past year and got to know Dr. Rosenman and the rest of the Dunshaw staff very well. Knowledgable, friendly, and really easy to work with – especially for scheduling all of those appointments. Fantastic group of people.”

    Matt T.

  • “ Dunshaw hearing is fantastic! I have been going to the center for a while now. It is a wonderful environment that makes you feel very comfortable and open about your hearing loss and the problems you might be having with your hearing aids. The audiologists in the office are extremely patient, understanding and helpful. I have recommended family friends to Dunshaw and they also have had positive experiences. Highly recommend Dunshaw Audiology for anyone who is having trouble hearings, needs a hearing test checkup or simply has questions about hearing aids in general!”

    Sophie R.