Woman using hearing aid accessories in the Bronx

Hearing Aid Accessories

If you’ve improved your ability to communicate through the power of hearing technology, it’s probably no surprise the huge difference it can make. But did you know some key accessories can help your devices shine even more? Here are six ways to get the most from your hearing aids.


Whether from swimming, sweat, or rain showers, water can do a number on your hearing technology. The moisture can damage sensitive parts of the instruments, causing them to malfunction and also potentially shortening their life span. Dehumidifiers made especially for the devices not only dry and sanitize your hearing aids but can also serve as a convenient place to store them.

Wireless Mic

Conversations rock when everybody around the table can join in, but background noise at restaurants and other spaces can make that a tall order. Whether you’re having a one-on-one chat or hanging with a crowd, an extra microphone can help. A wireless Bluetooth microphone worn on your companion’s lapel can send speech directly to your hearing aid, or place the mic in a central spot for group conversations.

Phone Clip

Does talking on the telephone seem harder than it used to be? Try using a phone clip. The ReSound Phone Clip+, for example, lets you stream phone calls, music, and other audio straight to your hearing device from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. It’s hands-free — simply clip it to your clothing — and it mutes background noise while highlighting whom you’re speaking with for clearer communication.

Captioned Calls

Speaking of easier phone chats: You may qualify for a caption telephone that shows the spoken words of the person you’re talking to. This landline device is free if a qualified hearing care professional certifies your hearing loss and need for the phone — and it works with hearing aids. All you need is a standard phone line, a broadband internet connection, and electrical power.

TV Streamer

Matching the volume to everyone’s individual taste during family TV time is no small feat. And with hearing loss, it can be even more challenging. Innovations such as the ReSound TV Streamer 2 — a small tabletop device — let you enjoy more direct sound from your TV, stereo, or computer straight to your hearing aid at a level tailored to your needs, without changing the volume for everyone else.


OK, this one’s more than an accessory; it’s an exciting option in hearing technology. Hearing aids are typically powered by disposable batteries. A growing number of people, however, are choosing the convenience of rechargeability. Rechargeable devices allow you to experience all-day hearing power without having to change the batteries. Just let your devices recharge while you sleep!

At Dunshaw Hearing Aid Center, we can help you find the right technology and accessories for your specific communication needs. Contact us today if you have questions or would like a demonstration. Plus, enjoy 10% off a single in-stock hearing aid accessory If purchased by December 31, 2019!