So you’re ready to take the next steps towards better hearing. Congrats! But why is your audiologist adamant that you wear two hearing aids?

People are often surprised when their audiologist tells them they need two hearing aids. So what are the benefits of hearing binaurally? That is, why should you get two hearing aids instead of one?

Similar to the way your eyes and vision work, your ears work as a team to effectively filter and help you understand sounds. Each ear works with the other to relay sounds and information to the brain. There’s a lot of back and fourth communicating going on in there!

Hearing with two ears is essential to our ability to distinguish the source and direction of sounds and is more commonly known as localization. Your brain is able to compare the timing of input from both ears to determine where a sound is coming from.

Interestingly, wearing two hearing aids gives you louder input than each ear individually. This is referred to as binaural summation. This process can help you hear more clearly in background noise.

When is only ONE hearing aid enough?

Wearing only one hearing aid is often recommended when someone has hearing loss in only one ear. In order to determine the best course of treatment for your hearing loss however, you need to see your audiologist. Call us for your hearing aid evaluation today!